Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Training Continues

Hey there! Sorry I haven't written in a while. I've spent these past two weeks getting back into my routine (work and working out) after an extended break in Rhode Island for the holidays. I've been doing a bunch of 30 minute runs along with cross training on the elliptical, biking, and doing hot yoga. My goal for the upcoming weeks is to get more mileage under my belt and I think I've set a pretty good foundation for that to be possible. I've been doing most of my runs on the track at the Y or on the treadmill (unfortunately!). It's better than nothing and the hardest part is just getting to the gym. Luckily, I've been going to the Y twice a week to coach a youth basketball team (6 year olds!). They're really cute and pretty entertaining. It's been great to teach them the fundamentals of the game and to make it fun at the same time. We practice one day a week and have Friday games which gives me an opportunity to go right up to the track after and get a workout in.

Yesterday I went to yoga and it felt great to be in a warm room on a snowy winter day. The heat in the room really helps me stretch and I can feel myself getting stronger with every practice. Today I went for a 40ish minute run/approx 4 miles with my neighbor and running buddy, Tizoc (I call him TZ for short). We traversed our usual argo pond loop along the Huron River. It's a trail route and it was packed with snow! It was about 17 degrees out, sunny, and the air was refreshing. The terrain was a little tricky at times but since everyone in Ann Arbor runs no matter what the conditions, the path was pretty packed down from the runners that ventured out before us.

That's all I have for now. Thanks for reading and thanks for your donations. I've got 93 days to reach $5,000 and your support has been awesome! I have some fundraising ideas in the works that I hope to roll out within the next month. Updates to come. If you have any suggestions or ideas, please share! :)

East Matunuck State Beach - December Sunset

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